Original Gift Ideas

You have spent lots of time promoting your business and services online and have successfully built up a strong clientele base. However, did it ever occur that these clients have also helped to increase your business by referring the name of your company to their friends and colleagues? Apart from this, many of your clients have purchased their requirements for specific services and goods only from you, despite being offered lower rates by your competitors. It is time to show gratitude to such clients and strengthen your relationship with them. The best way to do so is by offering them promotional gifts. Do not worry if you cannot decide about the type of gift that will appeal to all of them. Search online for promotional ideas and you will find tens of thousands of sites selling various types of promotional items.

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Select a reputable store

It is important that you purchase your requirements from reputable online stores. Do not get lured by cheap imported stuff since they can spoil the image of your company. It is better to select a particular gift for males and another one for females. You also have the option to select from a wide range of unisex gifts both males and females can use. Check the cost of the item and read the fine print. It is always better to select a promotional item whose price includes shipping and handling. Select a few online stores and get in touch with them via phone or via email. Tell them about the product that you have selected from their online store and that you want to purchase it in bulk.

View the exact replica of the gift online

Ask them if they will print the name, address, and logo of your company on the product for free. Most companies will agree to this. Some of them also have a page of their website where you can view the product and type the name of your company and its address using a wide selection of fonts. You can also upload a scanned image of your company's logo on that page and position it on an appropriate space on the product. Once you have completed these tasks, select the preview mode. You can see an exact replica of the gift. If you want to change the color of the fonts or the logo, do it now. Certain companies will deliver your selected corporate gift individually to all your clients without charging anything extra. For this, you need to upload a list containing the names and addresses of the recipients.

The final process

You can select from a wide choice, such as .txt, .xls, .csv etc. Once this task is over, and you confirm the order, the website will redirect your browser to the payment gateway. You can pay via credit or debit cards. Do not worry about inputting the details of your plastic card, since the payment gateway is stored on secure server with a high level of encryption. Fill the online form with your name, address, phone number, email id, and your plastic card details and click on the submit' button. The payment gateway takes a few seconds to complete the transaction and then return you to the merchant's website. Be prepared to receive words of praise from your customers when they receive the gift. Presenting gifts offered by the promotional ideas websites establishes a strong bond between you and your client.