Original Gift Ideas

If you are sending gifts to special people you have to come up with exotic gift ideas. It does matter if your gifts are for bni networking group members or your friends and colleagues. Just put on your thinking cap and figure out the right gifts for people who appreciate special gifts. Below are some great ideas for people who can think outside the box.

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An adopted cheetah in Africa

Let us assume that you have a friend who is passionate about animal rights and wildlife conservation. Your friend may live in Europe or in the US but has an avid interest in the wildlife in some African countries. For this friend's birthday, you can simply adopt a cheetah in Namibia on his or her behalf. You can log on to the relevant site, fill out the forms and complete the procedure online. Once you have done this, you can present the evidence to your friend and get a delightful response.

A special poetry collection

A good book does not ever go out of style. However, there is nothing innovative about ordering a book or two for your pal from amazon.com. You want your gift to be special so you should go the extra mile. If your friend loves poetry, you should find a way to get a special poetry collection. You can do this without spending a lot of money. Just print out some special poems by different poets and put them together. Bind the pages and design a special cover for this work. This is one gift that your poetry-lover-friend will fall in love with immediately.

Pure honey from a real bee hive

It does not matter if your friend loves honey or not. Pure honey is medicinal and tastes great too. Get in touch with a beekeeper and buy a litre of honey for your friend. Package it properly and get it delivered to your friend. This is an exotic gift and it makes sense too because honey is a safe form of sugar.

A trip to Nigeria

Nigeria may not be a popular tourist destination but this west African country is not all bad. Forget all the bad news about the Boko Haram sect in the north, kidnapping in the south east and armed robbery in the south west. There are great tourist destinations in cities like Obudu, Lagos and Ikogosi. Book a trip for your friend and make sure the three cities above are on the list of destinations. Your friend will enjoy the cattle ranch at Obudu, the sunny beaches of Lagos and the warm water springs of Ikogosi. Hopefully, your friend will return from Nigeria with a better image of the country and a desire to visit the country again.

Final word

Gift ideas should not be limited to a perfume or a box of chocolates. Think outside the box and you will come up with great gift ideas to impress your pals. Try out the ideas above and your friends will thank you for thinking outside the box.